Technical Assistance

SFD ECU Unlocking

Cars are becoming more technical, meaning that the difficulty to access ECUs due to security locking in the vehicle is becoming more common.

On some VW group vehicles, certain ECUs have a new level of 2 stage security to prevent unauthorised access.

This process is designed to secure any unauthorised ECU changes for the future of connected vehicles.

For the vehicle repairer using aftermarket diagnostic software, some ECUs will require an unlock code to enable temporary access to carry out certain procedures.

Not all ECUs or vehicle models require security access, but the possible list is endless. ABS, Instrument cluster, Door, Central electrics, could all require an unlock code before being able to carry out simple tasks like parking brake wind back, basic settings/adaptions or Retro fitting parts.

If you are not using factory diagnostic equipment, you will require a code to unlock the ECU before work can be carried out.

We can offer to assist with SFD unlocking feature on VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda vehicles. A remote guide or onsite service can be supplied to unlock ECUs.

If this is something you require, please visit the contact us page and send us an enquiry.

Telediagnosis for trade customers

Is a fault on a customer’s car proving difficult to find?
Do you want to avoid fitting parts if you are not sure if they are faulty or not?
For trade customers we offer a Telediagnosis or remote diagnosis service for all Volkswagen group vehicles – Audi, Skoda, Seat and Volkswagen.
We have all the technical information at our fingertips to remotely guide you step by step to a full diagnosis. The level of interaction solely depends on the customers experience and equipment available.

We can offer the following:

  • Problematic fault finding
  • Step by step Guided Fault finding over the phone or internet
  • We don’t send wiring diagrams etc. but will guide you through pin numbers and correct checking procedures
  • Remotely operate your PC-based diagnostic software (If applicable)
  • Sessions are available by pre-booking, in half an hour minimum slots, after the initial diagnosis assessment
    Pre-payment is also required without a credit agreement.

We do not supply initial guidance information over the phone. First contact and information are made electronically.
All enquiries must be made through the
contact us page.

NOTE: Protec takes no responsibility for incorrect diagnosis as this service is only a guide. Correct test plan relies solely on the correct information being supplied by the customer and is NOT a substitute for hands-on checks. Also, this service requires a certain level of experience from the customer which limits the outcome depending on skill level. However, this process has a proven track record of working well.

Technical Documentation

We have access to the following:

  • Factory TPIs (Known issues)
  • Repair manuals
  • Technical information
  • Repair times

Should you require any of these, please fill out our contact us form.

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digital car scanning
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