We offer a telediagnosis/remote diagnosis service on VAG vehicles for trade customers. We have a wealth of knowledge, and technical information at our fingertips so we can guide you through a full diagnosis remotely. So, if a fault on a customer’s car is proving difficult to find, we’ll help you get to the root of the problem.

Is a fault on a customer’s car proving difficult to find? Do you want to avoid fitting parts if you are not sure if they are faulty or not? For trade customers we offer a Telediagnosis or remote diagnosis service for all VAG vehicles only – Audi, Skoda, Seat and Volkswagen. We have all the technical information at our fingertips to remotely guide you step by step to a full diagnosis. The level of interaction solely depends on the customers experience and equipment available.


We can offer the following:

  • Problematic fault finding
  • Service indicator reset info at a fixed price (Most makes and models, if applicable)
  • Step by step Guided Fault finding over the phone or internet
  • We don’t send wiring diagrams etc. but will guide you through pin numbers and correct checking procedures
  • Technical repair times at fixed price
  • Remotely operate your PC-based diagnostic software (If applicable)
  • Sessions are available by pre-booking in one-hour minimum slots. Pre-payment is also required without a credit agreement. Please enquire by phone or email and we will discuss if a telediagnosis session is realistic for the vehicle and arrange a booking. We will then send you a request for information form to fill out to enable the procedure


NOTE: Protec takes no responsibility for incorrect diagnosis as this service is only a guide. Correct test plan relies solely on the correct information being supplied by the customer and is NOT a substitute for hands-on checks. Also, this service requires a certain level of experience from the customer which limits the outcome depending on skill level. However, this process has a proven track record of working well!

mechanic using car diagnostics screen
digital car scanning
mechanic using phone

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